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Dear Parents/Students,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the competitive team! Last year was a great year with lots of success and growth for the students. I am excited for our students to continue to show-off their talents and invite new talent to our competitive team.

Firstly, I want to remind all students and parents of the dedication and commitment that is involved in being part of such an amazing experience. It is very important that your child attends every class and learns the choreography and asks the instructor for help when needed! The technique classes are just as important as the choreography classes. We want to ensure all students are training to not only become energetic performers, but technical dancers as well. You need to give notice when you will be away so that we can inform the instructor and make arrangements to get you caught up if need be.

We understand that money can be a concern. We have tried to keep our fees as low as possible. We have recently offered a competitive and professional development program. This will allow your child to attend as many as 5 classes a week. We have arranged our schedule so that your child can take many of his/her classes on the same night. These 5 classes can include choreography classes for groups only. However 2 of these classes must be technique classes. The cost for this program is $210.00 per month and an additional $42.00/month, per class if your child decides to do more than 5 classes. The cost for duets/ trios or solos is as follows:

  • Groups for September to June (min of 4) one hour per week, 34 classes = $575.00       per year/per person (this is for children not attending the competitive or professional development program)
  • Duo/trio (min of 2 max of 3) 1 hour classes per week 34 classes = $850.00 per year/per person.
  • Solo (max 1 student) half hour per week for 30 weeks = $738.10 per year (Students may choose to take the class on a month to month basis at $190/month, however, once the choreography is finished and they decide not to attend any more classes it is up to the student to practice on their own and payment will stop, until you feel as though you would like to start again. We recommend that you continue on a weekly basis with the teacher however, we understand that this is not always feasible).
    *Applicable taxes will be added at time of registration. The prices above do not include applicable taxes

These fees are just for the choreography and do not include the entry fees for competition. Note: each competition charges different amounts. This is just a rough estimate: Solo = $60.00, duet/trio = $35.00 per person, group = $25.00 per person. When I receive the information from each competition I will notify you ASAP!

We encourage the dancers to take advantage of the free studio space to practice (see office staff for more details). The instructor reserves the right to recommend that a dancer(s) requires additional practice outside of the regular class time. If necessary the instructor will require the dancer to take a private lesson with them to catch up or clarify the choreography. Additional private class fees will be the responsibility of the parent or student.

I am excited to start another great and successful year with all the returning and new students. If you have any questions email me at dancinstarsbc@gmail.ca. On behalf of my staff and myself I thank you and look forward to a new and exciting year!

What is competitive Team?

The competitive team is a group of students who enjoy performing, want to challenge themselves and wish to compete against other dance schools. In this team, students choose what they would like to compete in. i.e. if a student really enjoys ballet then they would learn a dance routine that would be used to compete with other schools in the lower mainland. Not only will the team be dancing in local competitions and festivals but also dancing in various shows, fundraisers, and local events.

What is competition?

Competition is when dance schools compete against each other and are adjudicated by professional dancers and choreographers. When the dance routines are entered they are matched with other dancers who are of the same age and skill level. The students compete for medals, trophies, and scholarships. It is important to realize that when we enter competition it isn’t about winning but experiencing the excitement of being on stage and improving by listening to the feedback and enjoying the whole competitive atmosphere in a positive manner.

How do I know that my child is ready for competitions?

When you sign up for the competitive team it is a big commitment! In order to get the full experience students must be motivated, dedicated and love to dance! Choreography needs to be ready by January. It is important that students attend each class so that they know the new choreography and can go on stage with confidence. In the first year, we suggest the student compete in two dance numbers. This will allow your child to get the full experience and decide if this is something they would like to do more of or continue recreationally. If your child loves to dance in front of an audience and can’t stop dancing around the house this is probably the best experience for them!

What happens if the team wins a trophy or cash prizes?

In many of these competitions, students may receive trophies. Students who win in a solo get to keep the trophies! With a duet or trio the trophy will be shared for the year between the students and given back to the studio later on or kept at the studio the entire time. This is up to the students, parents, teacher and director. In the case that a group wins a trophy it will be displayed at the studio. When students receive cash prizes the money will stay with the studio and shared between the students who won and put towards next years fees of fundraising for the group to attend other competitions, workshops etc. We feel that this is the best way to distribute the money since the competitions give money as scholarships for dance.

What is the goal of a competitive team?

The goal of competition is to win but to enjoy the experience of being on stage and performing. When we decided to set up a competitive team we all had the same goal and that was to ensure that children have the opportunity to perform and challenge themselves. One of the great advantages of competition is having the opportunity to take master classes with famous dancers, choreographers, and the chance to audition for national teams. We are extremely dedicated to making sure that each and every child has a good time performing each dance to the best of their ability and to constantly challenge themselves!

When is competition?

The competition season starts after January and is generally on the weekends and evenings! However, some of the festivals and competitions do run during the week. Students may have to miss school. We try our best to have the children compete on the weekends. We will be sending a list of competition dates and times A.S.A.P!

Team Tracksuits?

When you register for the Competitive Program team, you will be given a Dancin’ Stars Tracksuit! You are expected to wear it at all competitions; festivals, recital and any other event the team may be involved in! The competitive tracksuit is a part of our identity and all dancers are required to wear their tracksuit at all and any competitions, performance etc.

How do I register for the team?

To register for our Competitive Program, please book an appointment with Sonica in the office to fill out a registration form, go over the different options and answer any other questions or concerns you may have! Please note that this is a commitment and each child that signs up will be expected to compete in every competition, festival or event! If you would like any more information we can be reached at the office at 604-524-3516 or by e-mail at info@dancinstarsbc.com


We have tried to keep fees as low as possible to ensure that each and every child has the opportunity to compete. The two mandatory classes will be the regular school fees, the fee for the choreography classes will be as follows:

    • Group (min of 4 students) 1 hour per week 34/ weeks = $575.00
    • Duo/trio – 1 hour per week 34 weeks = $850.00
    • Solo – 1/2 hour per week 30 weeks = $738.10

    *Applicable taxes will be added at time of registration. The prices above do not include applicable taxes



International Dance Challenge

 Highline Performing Arts Centre
401 South 152nd Street Burien WA 98148
Coming Soon


The View Dance 2018 Competition

 The ACTS Art Centre
11944 Haney Pl, Maple Ridge BC V2X 6G1

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Dream Team 2018 Competition

13750 88 Ave, Surrey BC
Coming Soon


Next Level Hip Hop 2018 Competition

Chuck Bailey Community Centre
13458 107A Ave Surrey BC
Coming soon

Star Talent Dance Competition

 Michael J. Fox Theatre
7373 Macpherson Ave., Burnaby BC
Coming Soon


Dance Power 2018 Competition

Michael J. Fox Theatre 
7373 Macpherson Ave., Burnaby BC
Coming Soon

Core Dance 2018 Competition

Kay Meek Centre
1700  Mathers Ave., West Vancouver BC
Coming Soon

Peak Invitational 2018 Whistler Schedule  

Westin Resort & Spa, Whister BC  
4090 Whistler Way Whistler BC V0N 1B4 

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Dance Power 2017 Awards

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Peak Invitational (Burnaby) 2017 Awards

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Peak Invitational (Maple Ridge) 2017 Awards

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Peak Invitational (Whistler) 2017 Awards

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Artist Emerge


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Star Talent

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Next Level


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Artist Emerge


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Synergy Dance Competition

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