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About Dancinstars: At Dancin’Stars Vancouver Dance School We believe that children are our greatest resource, they are the future. Children need love, encouragement and support to grow to their greatest potential. At Dancin’Stars we foster personal growth not only in dance, music and the arts but in all areas of life. Through our genuine passion for the arts, we lead a positive example inspiring young artists to achieve their dreams. At Dancin’Stars we have only highly trained and educated faculty, all of whom are still actively involved in performances locally and internationally! Their positive feedback, encouragement and commitment to excellence, combined with creativity and enthusiasm makes our faculty the leaders in arts education. We believe in making arts education accessible and affordable for all! Come for our reasonable prices, you will stay for the superior experience! Dancin’ Stars has been nominated Business of the Year (Small Business 2004)


Every year we try new things in hopes to develop and grow the studio, this was the first year we offered two different programs “technique classes” and “recital classes.” The program was a huge success and we will be offering it once again next year. The idea between the classes is described below.

Focus will be on proper technique, flexibility, strength, stamina and musicality will be emphasized in these classes. Short combinations will be learned to assist students in the ability top pick up choreography and combine the technique they have learned with stylized moves. Technique classes do not have a performance piece and will not perform in our year end recital.

The focus is on performance. Students will be learning basic technique but the majority of the class will focus on routine, stage presence etc. Recital classes may have a wide variety of age groups and ability. This is because these classes are performance based, and teachers can work with different ages and levels to create a dynamic performance piece. Recital classes perform at our year end recital.
*For students taking both technique and recital class – we will have a reduced rate for the 2nd class.

These classes are for students to compete and perform throughout the year. They must be available from September to June to participate in a variety of dance shows and competitions. These students must be committed and dedicated. They will also have the wonderful opportunity to also do solos, duos, and trios if desired. In order to participate in a Competitive class, students must take at least two technique classes.