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Dancin'Stars Studio Space

Rental Space Information:

Please contact us for rental details and pricing (604-524-3516 or dancinstarsbc@gmail.com)

Dancin’ Stars also offers the opportunity to rent out space. There is approximately 5,700 square feet of hardwood sprung flooring. This space can be rented for all of your personal & business needs. Dance groups who need a good place to practice can rent out these studios. We also can rent to movie companies who need a good space i.e. holding auditions. People who are looking for a place to hold parties and family functions for all occasions, this is the place for you!

  • Lots of space: approx. 5,700sq. feet of dance facility
  • State of the art sprung floors
  • Set up your dance group’s practice space
  • Hold auditions
  • Parties & functions for all occasions!
  • Smaller rooms available
  • Close to public Transit
  • Free advertising around the studio and on our website

Our current long term rentals

Chinese Dance
Classical Chinese dance has as its foundation China’s divinely inspired culture of five thousand years. The unique art of Chinese dance that we know today, with its impressive scale and system, is the product of generations of dancers’ many years of artistic experience combined with their refining, reorganizing, and reworking of the art form.
Please contact Sherry at chuanbiyu@aliyun.com or more information on class days and times!

Mexican Folklore
Nahualli Folklore Society is a non-profit organization. Their purpose is to represent and share Mexican culture through dance. They perform, host events, and teach – bringing together dance traditions from many regions of Mexico.

The name Nahualli originates from an Indigenous language of México called Nahuatl (Naa-Walt). It signifies an animal spirit or a transforming power that protects and guides each person from the moment of birth.

Please visit www.nahuallifolklore.com for more information on class days and times!

Bulgarian Dance
Bulgarian folk dances are intimately related to the music of Bulgaria. This distinctive feature of Balkan folk music is the asymmetrical meter, built up around various combinations of ‘quick’ and ‘slow’ beats.
Please contact Sneja at snezhana.ignatova@yahoo.com for more information on class days and times!

Bollywood Fusion
Priya Mehta started dancing as a tender age of 8. She believes in dancing with her heart and believes that dance is a language that can be expressed across borders and across cultures. She has a rich and in-depth knowledge of various dance techniques, like classical, semi-classical, international free style, lyrical and contemporary.
She is a trained bhartanatyam dancer and she got her arangetram in 1996 She has vast and rich experience in choreographing dance shows in India, USA and in Canada.
Please feel free to contact us at satrangicanada@yahoo.com or call us 778-989-9777 for more information on class days and times!